Futures Industry Association

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Futures Industry Association

The Futures Industry Association was created in 1955 in New York as the Association of Commodity Exchange Firms. It was initially created to offer a forum to talk about issues, work together with exchanges, represent the public client, find and develop methods to diminish costs, eradicate the misuse of credit, assist on educational efforts, and defend companies from fake warehouse receipts.

The Futures Industry Association is the only association representative of all organizations that have an interest in the futures market. The Futures Industry Association is governed by a 34-member board of directors, which includes representatives from Futures Commission Merchant, money management firms, associate members, and two public directors.

Usually members or associates are typically futures commission merchants that are responsible for a large percentage of the client business that is carried out on U.S. futures exchanges.

Associate members include numerous international exchanges, investment banks, law firms and accounting firms, introducing brokers, commodity trading advisors (CTAs), commodity pool operators as well as many other market users.

The Futures Industry Association is a source of volume statistical information. It collects volume and open interest data on all domestic and international futures, options on futures and stock indexes, index rates, and currency contracts traded on U.S. security exchanges.

The Futures Industry Association’s board has various standing committees including those on derivative products, financial integrity, and international business. It provides a discussion for futures and options professionals in the industry from around the globe to partake information and concerns about the worldwide futures industry.